The 25 Best Cigars of the Year 2013

Herrera Esteli Piramide Fino – 94 rating

HERRERA ESTELI by Drew Estate Piramide Fino named # 8 in Cigar Aficionado’s “25 Best Cigars of the Year”

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Miami, FL – Drew Estate was honored  by receiving the Number 8 slot in Cigar Aficionado’s annual “25 Best Cigars of the Year” for their HERRERA ESTELI by Drew Estate Piramide Fino. This marks the first appearance of a Drew Estate-produced cigar on Aficionado’s list, which they’ve assembled annually since 2004. Herrera Esteli is a brand blended by Willy Herrera. Willy Herrera has been on board with Drew Estate for three years, with much of that time spent at Drew Estate’s La Gran Fabrica facility in Estelí, Nicaragua.

During his time at Drew Estate, Willy Herrera has assembled a number of blends, the first to market being the Herrera Esteli line. The line consists of five sizes, with a sixth size, a Lancero, to be released shortly. The brand received a vertical rating in Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar Insider in April 2013 and received an average of 90 points, the highest in the issue. The Herrera Esteli Piramide Fino received a 94 rating, making it the best-rated Drew Estate cigar to date.

Cigar Aficionado had this to say about the cigar in their review: “This beautifully made belicoso layers the palate with rich toast and coffee flavors that lead to spicy notes. Touches of cinnamon, cedar and spice linger on the finish.”

When reached for comment about making the list, Willy Herrera said, “I am greatly humbled by this experience. I have been blending cigars for many years, and this has been a goal of mine since day one at El Titan de Bronze. I knew when I teamed up with Drew Estate that I had the resources to make it happen, and I’m glad to say that we did. I would like to thank Cigar Aficionado and also all of the fans of the Herrera Esteli brand. I travel the country doing events and promoting the brand, and I truly enjoy spending time with the people who smoke our cigars. Thank you all for your support.”

Jonathan Drew, Drew Estate co-founder, stated that, “Willy has been a great friend of mine for many years. I am glad to see him finally getting recognition from Cigar Aficionado and the countless cigar lovers throughout the US. He is a gifted blender and a super humble guy; this really couldn’t have happened to a better individual. I was driving when I got the big news, and we are amped up about it. I want to say congrats to Willy and to the whole team who worked on this project from the very beginning. This is a very big day for all of us at Drew Estate.”

Herrera Esteli is sold in approximately 100 accounts nationwide. To find the store nearest you, please use the Store Locator located on Drew Estate’s website.

About Drew Estate, Inc.

Established in 1996, Drew Estate Inc. is a privately held manufacturer and distributor of innovative and traditional premium cigars for today’s cigar smoker. In just over ten years, Drew Estate’s ACID line of premium cigars has become one of the top five selling premium cigar brands in the nation. Regarded as the pioneer and leader in the infused cigar® market, Drew Estate’s Nicaraguan factory handcrafts ACID by Drew Estate®, Natural®, Java by Drew Estate®, and other unique cigars along with its traditional Liga Privada® (named Hottest Brand of 2013 by Cigar Aficionado), La Vieja Habana®, Herrera Esteli®, Undercrown®, MUWAT®, Nica Rustica®, and Kentucky Fire Cured® marks.

®ACID, Natural, Java by Drew Estate, Undercrown, La Vieja Habana, Herrera Esteli, Liga Privada, MUWAT, Nica Rustica, and Kentucky Fire Cured are registered trademarks of Drew Estate and/or affiliated companies.

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Cerveza de los Muertos

Llegaron las chelas de los muertos al Cigar House

cerveza de los muertos


AmberAleBottleArtLarge   AMBER ALE

•Nice copper color with a creamy head. It is a rich pleasant ale perfectly balanced between soft toffee and caramel notes and a floral-hoppy bitterness. It has a semi-dry finish with subtle coffee notes.
• Alc. Vol. 5.5 %
• Bitter 30 IBU
•Malt – 2 Row, Chocolate, Caramel
•Hops – Perles, Cascade, Magnum

Pale Ale   PALE ALE

•Amber color with medium body, pleasant floral aroma with a distinctive bitterness and great character.
• Alc. Vol. 4.8 %
•Bitter 30 IBU
•Malt: 2 Row, 6 Row, Munich, Carapils, Caramel
•Hops: Chinook, Glaciar


•copper color, full bodied beer with rich malt tones perfectly balanced between a smooth and delicate sweetness and just the right amount of bitterness. Great hop / floral aromas.
• Alc. Vol. 6.8 %
•Bitter 83 IBU
•Malt: 2 Row, munich, carapils, caramel
•Hops: centennial, cascade, fuggle, saaz, goldings, willamette

Hefeweizen   HEFEWEIZEN

•Golden color wheat beer with a delicate balance of banana esters and clove phenolics. Excellent medium body and moderate bitterness.
•Alc. Vol 5.5 %
•Bitter 12 IBU
•Malt: 2 Row , White Weath, Caramel
•Hops: Mt Hood, Liberty

Blonde Ale   BLONDE ALE

•This is a golden color beer of excellent balance. It has a medium body, mild caramel sweetness and a soft pleasant bitterness.
• Alc. Vol. 5.6 %
•Bitter 18 IBU
•Malt: 2 Row Malt, Caramel Malt, Vienna
•Hops: Perles, Hallertauer

Porter   PORTER

•Dark brown color with red highlights. A full body beer with rich roasted malt and chocolate notes. It finishes with good hop, creamy toffee and caramel followed by delicate coffee notes and smooth chocolate aftertaste.
•Alc. Vol. 5.0 %
•Bitter 18 IBU
•Malt: 2 row, caramel, chocolate, black
•Hops: mt hood, liberty

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